Saturday, August 29, 2009

A Flight from London's Gatwick Airport to Venice

It was an Airbus A319 (I think), and it made a lot of high-pitched alarming noises. "Business Class" was the first three rows, with the exact same seating configuration as the rest of the plane. The differences were the presence of a curtain, a lack of passengers in the middle seats, and the presence of a flight attendant serving drinks and food. Too many drinks were served to a woman on my row, which was noticeable from her rising tone of voice and laughter. In the end, she could barely walk unassisted from the plane. The more desirable entree was chosen by all the passengers ahead of me, and there was no apology for me (as there had been for the man plying his female companion with too much wine): there was simply a tray with cold salmon shoved in my face.

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