Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Sugar out-lived his brother by many years, and also outlived other cat companions Sesame and Francis. Francis was the kitten we kept from Sesame’s litter, and he was kept because we thought he wouldn’t live. Sesame was rescued from someone or someplace; no doubt my mother would know, but she took that and so many other details with her when she died April 13, 2004. Sesame was wild, that I remember, and would not agree to doll clothes or carrying. Soon enough she turned out to be pregnant (do we call cats pregnant?) and delivered her litter over spring break while we were out of town. My grandfather, H. Richard Nussbaum was in charge of keeping track of her progress, and the kittens were delivered in a box of sandpaper in our basement. Once the kittens were weaned, Sesame was given away, along with the kittens. I am sure a reason for her departure was provided to me, but what it was I no longer recall.

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  1. I remember exactly what I was told about Sesame's departure-- Mom said that Sesame's own kittens no longer needed her for milk but that there was another family of kittens in the neighborhood whose mother had died and they had nothing to eat. So Sesame was going to go be their mom.

    At the time I believed this story implicitly, but now I am not so sure. Maybe it was like when Bonzo went to live on a farm.