Thursday, May 30, 2013

Actual Transcript of Today's Chat Session with Optimum Cable

Rabindra R.: Hi, my name is Rabindra R.. How may I help you?
Me: I have been contacted via text from an Optimum customer without phone or internet connection. They can't report the outage
Me: Account # is #####-######-##-#. The address is ##### #####. The account is in the name of #######.
Rabindra R.: I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience, Margaret.
Rabindra R.: I am sorry to hear the customer contact you.
Me: Is this a known outage?
Rabindra R.: They should be call us.
Me: ?
Rabindra R.: I do not see an outage in the area.
Me: They cannot call. Phones down, also internet. They need a service call.
Rabindra R.: The modem is online I am getting a connection to the modem.
Rabindra R.: They need to call us from the residence where the services is.
Rabindra R.: It could be something minor.
Rabindra R.: I am not seeing an issue on our end. If they can get a cell phone and call us.
Rabindra R.: If I send a tech and there is no issue due to Optimum they will be charge a fee of $39.95.
Me: No Cell phone coverage in the area. Remote rural area.
Rabindra R.: I have the to get permission from the account holder to set up this services call.
Rabindra R.: It seems as if the phone wire is unplug or something really minor.
Me: There is a business at this address as well. Their phones are down, too. They have no internet either. No one can call you from there.
Rabindra R.: I can set up a service call but they will be charge because there is not issue on our end.
Me: They have no service at either building at the address.
Rabindra R.: I am sorry the business needs to call in.
Me: I assume they can send a carrier pigeon or smoke signals
Rabindra R.: Would you like me to set the service call?
Me: You need to get someone over there.
Rabindra R.: Okay let me see what time and day we have open.
Rabindra R.: I can get a tech there today from now until 8pm and it will be a $39.99 charged.
Me: OK
Rabindra R.: What is the best number that I can have the technician call you ahead on before they come, such as a cell phone for example?
Me: ###-###-####
Rabindra R.: Thank you.
Rabindra R.: When the technician is there, they will check to see what is causing the issue. Also, someone 18 or older must be available for the service call.
Rabindra R.: You are all set for today between now and 8PM. I have made all the notes necessary and I am confident we will be able to resolve this issue for you, Margaret.
Rabindra R.: Is there anything else that I can assist you with today, Margaret?
Me: no thank you
Rabindra R.: Thank you for choosingOptimum. Have a great afternoon, Margaret.
Rabindra R. has disconnected.


  1. I want to know what ended up happening next.

    1. They came to fix it that afternoon. The modem was fried. It had to be replaced. The house had been struck by lightning. Weeks later we are still working to resolve related issues, since all of the appliances in the house were affected by the lightning strike. We still do not have mobile phone coverage at the house.