Sunday, February 28, 2016

I saw "but i cd only whisper"

What I saw: “but I cd only whisper” at the Flea Theater, on the south side of White Street in TriBeCa
What I wore: American-made dark-wash jeans (with stretch!), Chinese-made Australian boots

Sunset O'clock

What I did beforehand: watched the sunset over the Hudson River and took the E train
Who went with me: The Graduate
How I got tickets: online, full price

Why I saw this show: for two years, we lived in TriBeCa, two doors down from the rehearsal space for the Flea Theater. Not long after we moved in, I saw a line of people outside the door, waiting to audition for the Bats, which is the name of the Flea’s ensemble of actors. Some looked bored or tired, many were reading, one mumbling a monologue. Some actually sat on the sidewalk. They were there for several days, and the line was sometimes long. I wondered if I could bake them brownies or if that would be weird. I let one guy pet my dog. In retrospect I should have baked them brownies. Far more actors showed up over those days than would ever be chosen as Bats. New York is tough that way.

Where I sat: front row
Things that were sad: this is a very upsetting play, about race, class, sanity, responsibility and culpability
Things that were funny: seeing today’s young actors dressed in the clothes the adults wore in the late 60s and early 70s
Things that were not funny: a guy at the bar beforehand had to ask his friend what Diet Coke was. He had an accent.
What it is: an engaging play, performed by talented actors in a small space
Who should see it: if you come to New York to see theater and don't include off-Broadway shows, you are doing it wrong

What I saw on the way home: bros on the subway

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