Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Dog Camp

While we were in Hawaii, we left Cherry and Captain at a dog kennel in Snohomish called Roscoe's Ranch. It is almost exactly thirty minutes of driving from my house in the heart of the city to this country kennel. I have now visited there four times, between touring and pick up and drop off, and I observed a high level of professionalism on each visit.
The property is completely fenced and gated, and no visitors (clients or boarders) are left unescorted at any time. The main barn is quiet and does not smell like pee. The guests all look interested in visitors, but after a brief outburst generally settle into the quiet, relaxed state of a well-adjusted dog.

On my first visit, I actually took a tour with my dogs.  I could see from their reactions that they were excited and curious, but not frantic or anxious. While I was out of town, I received regular updates in the form of Picasa photo albums with pictures of all the guests enjoying supervised play time in the yard. I knew Captain was having fun because in most pictures he was a red blur. I knew Cherry was relaxed because there were shots of her rolling in the grass on two different occasions.The dogs' food intake was monitored, and my written instructions were followed, including medication. They even keep track of the dogs' poop.
Once you are a registered customer, Roscoe's Ranch has an easy-to-use on-line reservation system.
I am almost reluctant to post a public review of them, because they are so good, I'm worried they'll be full the next time I want to use them!

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