Monday, April 25, 2016

I was sick

What I saw: mostly, the cat

What I wore: pajamas for days;  shirts that I found draped on the backs of chairs; inside-out sweatshirts

What I did beforehand: welcomed my sick husband home from a business trip, where, he said, one of his colleagues showed up sick.

Who went with me: Schwartz, who probably prefers me sick

How I got tickets: getting sick requires no tickets in advance

Why I saw this show: I think, really, that getting sick is part of the human condition

Where I sat: in bed

Things that were sad: running out of tea; not being able to sleep; waking up too early; aches and coughing; missing normal weekend things; being visited by Team Hatred, who ran over our second "Bernie for President" sign and gave us a bit of a lawn job

Things that were funny: the dog freaking out about the thunder

Things that were not funny: the neighbors have a "Hillary for President" sign that's been up for months and no one has stolen it or run it over.

What it is: an upper respiratory infection or perhaps the flu

Who should see it: no one

What I saw on the way home: 

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