Sunday, January 16, 2011


From the beginning, Schwartz loved to sleep with the dogs.  Sure, he loves having the dog-bed all to himself, but for him, it’s better with a dog.  He also really likes to climb the book shelves to push things off and watch them fall.  Once he broke a spiky animal Max made in ceramics class.  I thought he was hiding because it was loud when it broke.  It turned out that he was hiding because one of the spikes on the ceramic animal had cut his leg open: a wound of at least 1 ½ inches in length.  When I got him to the vet—the vet knows us awfully well—she said he’d lost a lot of blood and was lucky to be found in time.  We were sent home with a cone for him to wear on his head so he wouldn’t eat his stitches, but when we set him on the floor he simply went backwards until the cone was pried off of his head.  After that, I told him he had to keep from licking the stitches, and he agreed.

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