Thursday, March 31, 2016

I saw "American Psycho"

What I saw: "American Psycho" at the Schoenfeld Theater on W 45th between 8th and 9th Avenues

What I wore: Chinese-made Australian boots, favorite jeans that are not as comfy when they're clean, purple Eileen Fisher t-shirt and sweater that I usually save to wear on trips but I haven't really been traveling since last May, yellow striped scarf that seems to have a new snag, black Barbour quilted parka that I did not wear at all this winter because it was in the wrong closet. 

What I did beforehand: wholly unnecessary lost-keys panic 

Who went with me: strangers, including Christian Slater

How I got tickets: online just a couple of days ago

Why I saw this show: because I could see it on a Monday and I thought I wouldn't like it 

Where I sat: second row, center

Things that were sad: the 80s are now like this cool, funny era of the past that people seek out the fashions of

Things that were funny: the 80s are now like this cool, funny era of the past that people seek out the fashions of

Things that were not funny: The main character is played by Benjamin Walker, who smolders in his underwear and in his 80s suits, performing with such colossal finesse and restraint he punctuates a song with the slow raising of his eyes. I thought I'd seen the best performance from a male lead already this year, in "Prodigal Son," but this one guy's performance blew my fucking mind. The second act wasn't as strong as the first. Whatever. Oh, but there was blood splashed on the ceiling of the set in the first act, and I kept looking at it in the second act, the way your tongue won't stay away from the gap left by a broken tooth.
It's there.

What it is: a musical, running two hours and forty minutes with an intermission 

Who should see it: people who can tolerate blood spurting at the audience from behind a taught, clear vinyl curtain; anyone who ever wanted to see anyone killed with a kitchen knife or an axe; underwear aficionados; 80s-music lovers; fans of 80s fashion; those with an appreciation for funny horror movies; the fanatical guy who sat behind me who introduced himself to me by quoting lines from the movie; people who need two or more Donald Trump jokes in their musicals. 

What I saw on the way home: it was windy and there was trash all over the Saw Mill Parkway. Plastic bags. Broken chunks of styrofoam. Cups with lids and straws. I hit something and it stayed under my car for many miles, breaking free and making noise in a startling way.

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  1. Interesting response. I refused to see the movie because of its content. Not sure how it could be turned into a musical but I respect your appreciation of the lead actor.