Sunday, March 13, 2016

I saw "The Wildness"

What I saw: Sky Pony's "The Wildness" at Ars Nova, on W 54th, off-off-Broadway 

What I wore: favorite jeans, boots, scarf given to me by an old Seattle friend that I've lost touch with, long cardigan; you have to check your coat because the venue is small. 

Ars Nova (projected sign on building across W 54th)

What I did beforehand: ate a hotdog  
Who went with me: The Bacon Provider 
How I got tickets: online 

Why I saw this show: I read a review that made it sound a little weird and stupid and like something I needed to see

Where I sat: on a sofa in the section labeled "COAT," our names written on pieces of tape. If you go, get a "premium" seat on the sofas, and don't volunteer to be one of the "Brave Ones."

Things that were sad: the songs were better than the business connecting them
Things that were funny: sequined underwear, lyrics 

Your ticket is a blindfold

Things that were not funny: the Bacon Provider sitting down, looking around accusingly, pulling out his phone and looking up a review of the show and saying, "Oh, God." This entertaining and somewhat insubstantial show was neither as bad as its bad reviews, nor as good as its good reviews.

What it is: While it is billed as an alt-rock fairy tale, I would say it's an indy-pop show, with fascinating costumes, candy, blindfolds, cool lighting effects, decent music that wasn't too loud, and sporadically charming choreography.

Who should see it: fans of Sky Pony


What I saw on the way home: The Food King, with its sign reading, "WE DELIVERY"

Later that night I dreamed Backup Singer/Handmaiden #1 was living in my yard, at the bottom of a steep ravine. I recognized her by her red-blue wig. I gave her some clothes, and promised her food, and climbed a ladder through the shower to get back in my house.

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