Friday, March 4, 2016

I saw "Old Hats"

What I saw: "Old Hats" at the Signature Theater, on W 42nd St
What I wore: jeans and Danner boots
What I did beforehand: ate tamales, drank the wrong flavor of Jarritos
Who went with me: R. & The Graduate, both 20-something
How I got tickets: Online, full price

"No photography allowed"

Why I saw this show: I have a friend who is a neuroscientist and before that she was a mime and a clown. We wanted to see this show together, but it turned out that she was at a scientific conference this week. So I had to invite other people.

Where I sat: Row G, on the end (people in seats in the front section were vulnerable to being teased by clowns or chosen to come on stage as foils)

Things that were sad: I really wanted to see this with my friend who used to be a professional clown, and she had to go do science instead.

Things that were funny: Bill Irwin and David Shiner are geniuses of physical comedy. Shaina Taub's songs are witty and catchy and hold their own.

Things that were not funny: This whole Trump thing? Not funny.

What it is: pretty damned close to a Vaudeville show, ok?

Who should see it: anyone who, like me, gets really excited when there's a band providing the music and you can actually see the band and they are excellent and the amplification levels of the music are perfect so you wonder why other shows can't have better sound engineering;  fans of Mr. Noodle; your parents; the Korean exchange student living at your parents who just arrived and might not yet understand any of the song lyrics but will be captivated anyway; your friend Bill who says he hates mimes (but just in case buy him a beer at the bar beforehand); my children; my friend the neuroscientist; you.

What I saw on the way home: scaffolding

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