Tuesday, November 29, 2016

I changed

What I saw: all the color was washed away. I woke up alone, except for the cat, and he did that thing where he sits on my chest, purring, and puts his paws on my mouth. I hit the snooze button five times. The sky outside was white, the bare tree branches black against the morning sky. Bird-shaped silhouettes shot by, too fast to capture. A squirrel ran along a branch from one tree to the next, its tail straight out behind it. Do they do that for balance?

What I did beforehand: dreamed of clutching a stainless steel handrail in a long, tan brick hallway as I failed to outrun the collapse of the white linoleum tile floor.

What I wore until 8:30 a.m.: purple long-sleeve robot t-shirt that I got at Bumbershoot several lifetimes ago that now has a satsuma-sized hole in the right elbow, Lunya black pajama pants (so comfy, you can sleep with them on backwards), wedding ring, retainer, nightguard. 

Who was with me until 8:30 : Schwartz.

What I thought about: exactly how much longer I could stay in bed. Also, where was the Bacon Provider?

What I wore until 11:00 a.m.: black Pikeur full-seat breeches, hot-pink ProCompression knee socks, custom Vogel field boots, black Tanner belt, pink Lululemon top with too-long sleeves and annoying thumb-holes, long sleeve olive Ralph Lauren polo shirt, ponytail.

Who was with me until 11:00 : barn people.

Where I sat: on Hado.

What I thought about: being asked to do a canter half-pass when I don’t know how and feeling like a 2nd grader sitting in on a high school calculus class. 

What I wore until 1:30 p.m.: James stretch jeans, Doc Martin pilgrim strap shoes that I’ve been stomping around in since the 90s, indigo-dyed Tanner belt, black tank, brown Eileen Fisher jersey top, black loose knit Steve Madden sweater, citrine earrings, mascara, just enough eyeshadow to make it look like I care about my appearance.

Who was with me until 1:30 : lunch date. 

Something I ate: soup and salad. My friend didn’t get dessert so I felt like I couldn’t. 

What I thought about/Things that were sad: going out to lunch and not getting dessert. Also, that my friend isn't as alarmed as I am that Wall Street seems to like the idea of the accused-rapist president-elect just fine. Also, my friend’s recent bike wreck.  

What I wore until 3:30 p.m.: re-soled Asolo hiking boots with custom orthotics, black Helly Hansen full-zip rain pants, black tank top, blue Irideon zip-neck base layer top, red men’s Gore-Tex waterproof jacket that one of my kids brought home from a NOLS program, gray wool hat.

Who was with me until 3:30: the dogs.

What I thought about: ticks. Also, how my dad once told me that if you go in the woods when it's raining, the trees catch most of the rain. 

Things that were funny: the autumn trees have flung off their leaves and can catch the rain no better than I can. 

Why I saw this show: you have to walk the dogs every day or they poop in the house. If you have the right rain gear, a walk in the rain is as good as a walk on a fine day. 

Things that were not funny: I had to stop and pick a tick off Captain. Also, how bad I am at selfies.

What I wore after that: Sweaty Betty lounge pants and giant gray-brown sweater.

Who went with me after that: mostly alone in the house with Twitter, although I guess 19 was rattling around upstairs.

What I didn't put much thought into: deleting "Giving Tuesday" solicitation emails, zombies, Xmas gifts, writing this.

What it is: Tuesday.

Who should do it: people who like to change their clothes.

What I saw on the way home: this decorated gourd.

It has feathers. 

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